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This issue is our second
This issue is dedicated to the musings of Mrs. Schroedinger's  Moggie on various subjects.

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Mrs Schroedinger's Moggie Reads and Comments on the House Report on the Mortgage Meltdown

2008 and It's a Wonderful Life

In the days of re-making movies I have often commented that no one should attempt re-doing “It's a Wonderful Life.”

Real life seems to have ignored my plea. Jimmy Stewart is nowhere to be seen in the Senate Report of the 2008 financial meltdown of the mortgage industry, entitled “WALL STREET AND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS: Anatomy of a Financial Collapse.”

The mean old Bank Inspector seems to have been re-cast as the hapless Uncle Billy. UNcle BillyThe US Office of Thrift Supervision happily went along with the bankers and the missing eight thousand dollars became hundreds of billions.

The whole subject is over its ears in irresponsibility and ill gotten gain. I doubt that anyone is getting their wings and if any bells are ringing they are tolling for your mortgage and perhaps your banker.

According to the Senate Report, the President and COO of Wamu, Steve Rotella the second in command over the largest ever US bank failure, referred to his own organization's prime home loans business as the “worst run business” he had seen in his career.

continued from preceding column
I have read Mr. Rotella's April 13th 2010 statement before the House Subcommittee on Investigations. Mr. Rotella's position seems to be that no one could have predicted the collapse and the expressed wish that he had had more time to remedy the faults in their system. Jimmy Stewart, pressured by time and the imminent arrival of the bank examiner had the sense of gentlemanly honor to consider jumping off the bridge.Jimmy Stewart on the Bridge
I am not advocating punishment or suicide. I question any statement by a manager of a company, in collapse which blames the management without taking personal responsibility. Not having access to Mr. Rotella's full communication, this is not directed toward him personally. He is currently under prosecution by the government. I believe that that and of course the fact that he is not a cat is punishment enough.

There are other responsibilities. Changes to the system enacted to prevent another “Great Depression” were undertaken to facilitate the new marketplace.

Underlying this, the time honored practice of 'due diligence' took a drubbing because the older law of 'Caveat Emptor' remains in place. For the buyer to beware, he must know the entirety of the potential risks of the investment.

Every sensible cat since we were forcibly removed from Egypt and imported to Rome knows this. Why do you think we developed the elaborate system of butt sniffing?

Why is there an article on economics written by a cat from the subject of physics here?
Mrs. Schroedinger's Moggie s started as a series of articles on physics. These were written in a series of nine lives. There are aspects to the theory behind her possible existence and the subjects of probabilities and observation which seemed to the author to relate to the collapse of the mortgage market. She is also far too good a character to limit to a mere nine short rants.

In the Cat’s mind...

“The shortest distance between two points includes YOUR lap.”

“Never look in the mouth of a gift chipmunk .”

“We do not require your approval. Your unquestioning adoration is another thing entirely.”
July Cats {just a muse}

Over the years I have come to realize that U.S. cats don’t seem to care for the month of July.  This is particularly true of the first week or so.

It strikes me as somewhat odd.  Among creatures, the feline is notoriously, even fiercely independent but when it comes to celebrating that quality, in the manner the bipedal bringers of food prescribe annually, we desire no part of it.  Speaking for myself, it is an event best observed from beneath a couch.

This has something to do with the explosions; explosions which humans find so compelling; explosions over which man revels and toward which we cats look with revulsion. Perhaps they could celebrate with a proper howl on a fence instead.
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